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Question No. 1
613. The delimiting outer membrane absent in
A. Mitochondria
B. Nucleoli
C. Lysosomes
D. Plastids

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 2
294. During transport of sudgar or amino acid through cell membrane
A. Na+ ions move against the direction of concentration gradient
B. Na+ ions movein both direction irrespective of its concentration gradient
C. No net Na+ions movement
D. Na+ ions move in the direction of its concentration gradient

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 3
72. Prop roots are
A. primary roots
B. adventitious roots
C. branch roots
D. tap roots

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 4
598. Essential oils are those which are
A. Used in soap manufacture
B. Used in perfumes
C. Essential for plant producing them
D. Essential for human kind

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 5
559. Vexillary corolla is found exclusively in the family
A. Compositae
B. Papilionaceae
C. Caesalpinaceae
D. Graminae

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 6
640. In woody dicotyledons the arrangement of vessels is either diffuse porous or ring porous. Based on the these data, which one of the following statements is correct ?
A. Ring porous vessels are specialised and are used for conducting more water for a shorter period only, when tyloses occur early in the vessels.
B. Although diffuse porous vessels are not so specialized as ring porous vessels, they conduct more water at all periods and through new xylem vessels added gradually during development
C. Diffuse porous vessels carry more water and also faster because of a greater number of small vessels having greater capillary force.
D. Ring porous vessels conduct more water as they are formed early during development, when the need for water is great.

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 7
625. Which one of the following essential mineral elements is not a constituent of any enzyme, but stimulates the activity of many enzymes ?
A. Potassium
B. Zinc
C. Magnesium
D. Manganese

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 8
276. In epiphytic roots, Velamen is found:
A. Outside exdermis
B. Outside endodermis
C. Inside exodermis
D. Inside endodermis

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 9
318. The characteristic features of the mangrove vegetation is the possession of
A. large air spaces
B. velamen
C. storage roots
D. pneumatophores

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 10
518. Ribosome are the centre for
A. Respiration
B. Photosynthesis
C. Protein synthesis
D. Fat synthesis

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 11
388. The experimental material used by Melvin Calvin to study dark reaction were
A. algae
B. bryophytes
C. pteridophytes
D. gymnosperms

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 12
325. Sheathing of leaf bases and a ligule is a feature of
A. Musaceae
B. Germinate
C. Pteridophyte
D. Lilliaceae

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 13
The fruit in which mesocarp is dfleshy and endocap is stony is known as
A. pome
B. Berry
C. Drupe
D. Pepo

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 14
103. Which one of the following is widely distributed in a cell ?
A. chromoplasts
B. chloroplasts

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 15
194. Ethylene gas
A. is a saturated hydrocarbon
B. slows ddown ripening of apples
C. retards appartment ripening of tomatoes
D. speeds up maturation of tomatoes

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 16
101. During meiosis crossing over takes places at
A. diplotene
B. diakinesis
C. leptotene
D. pachytefne

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 17
289. In a bicollaeral vascular bundle
A. Phleom is sandwitched between xylem
B. Xylem is sandwitched between phloem
C. Transvers splitting of one bundle into two equal parts
D. Bundles which can not be identified

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 18
617. Apparatus used to measure respiration is called
A. Potometer
B. Auxanometer
C. Autometer
D. Respirometer

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 19
385. Which enzyme is found only in the mitochondria ?
A. Aldolase
B. Decarboxylase
C. Feumarase
D. Dehydrogenase

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 20
444. A compound which is produced by an organism and inhibit the growth of other organism is called
A. Antiseptic
B. Anticoagulant
C. Antibiotic
D. Antiallergic

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 21
655. The experimental system used in studies of the discovery of replication DNA has been
A. Drosophila melanogaster
B. Pneumococcus
C. Escherichia coli
D. Neurospora crassa

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 22
128. The capsule of moss plant represents
A. gametophyte
B. Sporophyte
C. sexual reproductive body
D. a part of sorus

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 23
192. Gibberellins have a role in seed germination because they
A. break the seed coat
B. weaken the seed coat
C. stimulate the synthesis
D. stimulate the synthesis of vernalin

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 24
220. A high concentration of synthetic auxins is generally used for
A. regulating the growth of roots
B. weed control
C. controlling cell enlargement
D. preventing the growth of lateral shoots

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 25
586. Pollination characteristically occurs in
A. Angiosperms and Fungi
B. Angiosperms and Gymnosperms
C. Pteridophytes and Angiosperms
D. Bryophytes and Angiosperms

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 26
80. The edible part in a ripe mango is morphologically
A. mesocarp
B. endocarp
C. epicarp
D. embryo

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 27
610. The stain involved in Feulegn reaction to stain DNA is
A. Gentain violet
B. Cotton blue
C. Neutral red
D. Basic fuchsin

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 28
297. All plastids have essentially same structure because
A. They have to perfdorm same function
B. They are localized in aerial parts of plant
C. All plastids store starch, lipid and proteins
D. One type of,plastids can be differentiated into another type of plastid dependding on cell requirments

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 29
494. Of the folowing the false character with resepect to Pinus is
A. Resin canals in needles
B. Tracheids with bordered pits
C. Bracts and ovuliferous scales
D. Embryo with two cotyledons

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 30
104. The celluler structure which always disappears during mitosis is
A. mitochondria
B. nuclear membrance
C. plastids
D. plasma membrance

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 31
140. The pulses belong mostly to
A. Papelionaceae
B. Cucurbitaceae
C. Graminae
D. Malvaceae

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 32
417. Cyanobacteria a new name has given to
A. Myxophyceae
B. Myxomycetes
C. Mycoplasma
D. Schizomycetes

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 33
207. Where do tropical forests occur in India
A. jammu & Kashmir
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Bihar
D. Andamans

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 34
259. The term which refers to the arrangements of foliage leaves with respect to each other in the vegetation bud is
A. ptyxis
B. prefoliation
C. phyllotaxy
D. venation

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 35
633. Plant fibres can originate from:
A. phloem, xylem epidermis and sclerenchyma tissues
B. phloem, xylem and sclerenchyma tissues
C. phloem, xylem and epidermis tissues
D. xylem, epidermis and sclerenchyma tissues

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 36
191. Phytohormones are synthesized in
A. all parts of a plant
B. tips of roots and stem only
C. many parts of a plant
D. leaves only

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 37
593. The botanical name of Cauliflower is
A. Brassica oleracea var. capitata
B. Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera
C. Brassica campestris
D. Brassica oleracea var. botrytis

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 38
132. Argobacterium is responsible for
A. Crown gall tumors in plants
B. Nitrogen fixation in the soil
C. Citrus cankar disease
D. Witches broom disease

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 39
66. Which of the following is a useful product of adpidermal origin ?
A. Cloves
B. Cork
C. Saffron
D. Cotton

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 40
277. Lenticels are seen in
A. Young dicot stems
B. Young dicot roots
C. old dicot stems
D. leaves

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 41
59. Which of the following organelle is related with genetic engineering ?
A. Plastids
B. Plasmids
C. Mitochondria
D. Lysosomes

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 42
87. Edible part of apple is
A. mesocarp
B. cotyledons
C. fleshy thalamus
D. fleshy endocarp

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 43
32. Parasitic algae is
A. Cephrleuros
B. Ulothrix
C. Oedogonium
D. Sargassum

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 44
400. Dendrochronology deals with determination of
A. Height of a tree
B. weight of a tree
C. age of a tree
D. flowering of a tree

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 45
463. Xerophytic characters are shown by
A. All Lithophytes
B. Epiphytes
C. Oxylophytes
D. Halophytes

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 46
35. In family Composiate ray florets and disc florets are, found, in which ray florets are
A. sometimes female
B. mostly female
C. sometimes male
D. bisexual

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 47
172. In a eukaryotic cell which of the following RNA undergoes translation ?
A. r-RNA
B. t-RNA
C. m-RNA
D. all these three types

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 48
186. Artificial ripening of fruits is a accomplished by treatment with
A. sodium chloride
C. ethylene gas
D. concentrated sulphuric acid

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 49
646. Oxysomes are present on
A. Inner membrane of mitochondria
B. Outer membrane of mitochondria
C. Thylakoids
D. none of the above

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 50
Caruncle is:
A. Nuclellar outgrowth
B. Integumentary outgrowth
C. Endosperm haustorium
D. All of the above

A  B  C  D