Time Allotted: 30 minutes.
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Question No. 1
81. Which of the following bears winged fruits
A. Oroxylum
B. Cinchona
C. Discorea
D. Moringa

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 2
641. Multiple epidermis on dorsal and ventral side of the leaf is found in
A. Zea mays
B. Ficus benghalensis
C. Mangifera indica
D. Nerium oleander

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 3
135. A gymnosperm is a plant which
A. bears flowers
B. produces seeds in cones
C. does not produce seeds enclosed in ovary
D. exhibits no vascular tissues

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 4
398. Growth in plants at root apex and shoot apex takes place by
A. basal meristem
B. apical meristem
C. intercalary meristem
D. lateral meristem

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 5
531. The only plant cells without nuclei among the following are
A. Cambium cells
B. Xylem vessel elements
C. Root hair
D. Companion cells

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 6
632. The cohesion tension theory was proposed by :
A. Dixon and Jolly
B. Strasburger
C. J.C Bose
D. Haberland

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 7
267. Viriods have
A. Single stranded RNA not enclosed by protein coat
B. Single stranded DNA not enclosed by protein coat
C. Double stranded RNA not enclosed by protein coat
D. Single stranded DNA not enclosed by protein coat

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 8
515. The process by which DNA of the nucles passes information to RNA is called
A. Translocation
B. Transcription
C. Translation
D. Tranportation

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 9
131. Conducting tissue in moss is made of
A. xylem and phloem
B. xylem
C. collenchyma
D. parenchyma

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 10
163. Centromere is the part of a chromosomes which helps in
A. division of the centrosomes
B. formation of spindle fibres
C. movedment of chromosomes
D. reappearance of nuclear membrane

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 11
245. When peacock eats snakes which eat insects thriving on green plants the peacock is
A. a primary consumer
B. a primary decomposer
C. final decomposer
D. the apex of the food pyramid

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 12
412. Origin and evolution of algae is best displayed by
A. Blue green algae
B. Green algae
C. Red algae
D. Brown algae

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 13
446. The hydrogen donour in bacterial photosynthesis is usually
A. Water
B. Hydrogen sulphide
C. Sulphurous acid
D. Ammonia

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 14
28. The age determination of trees by counting annual growth rings is known as
A. dendrology
B. chronology
C. dendrochronology
D. dendrochronologist

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 15
369. The name of group 'spermatophyta' is derived from their feature that they are
A. sperm bearing lower plants
B. seed producing plants
C. fruit producing plants
D. sperm proddducing higher plants

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 16
394. Mechanical tissue is well developed in plants which are
A. hydrophytic
B. epiphytic
C. xerophytic
D. parasitic

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 17
270. The unit neasurement in transmission eletron microscope is equal to
A. .001 um
B. .00001 um
C. .01 um
D. .0001 um

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 18
86. Wheat grain is an example of
A. Achene
B. Caryopsis
C. Nut
D. Follicle

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 19
439. Which of the following is not a prokaryote ?
A. Bacteria
B. Yeast
C. Blue green algae
D. Viruses

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 20
268. Which of the following is not common in Funaria and Selaginella ?
A. Roots
B. Archegonium
C. Embryo
D. Motile sperms

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 21
552. Which system of classification is considered as a modern phylogenetic ?
A. Bentham and Hooker's
B. Linneaus'
C. Huchinsons'
D. Engler and prantl's

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 22
346. If cell A with OP = 5 and TP = 4 is surrounded by the cells with OP + 3 and TP = 1 what will be the direction of water movement ?
A. Water will not move up
B. Water will move up
C. From cell A to other cells
D. From other cells to cell A

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 23
476. Synthesis of ATP in mitochondria requires
A. Oxygen
D. Pyruvic acid

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 24
514. Cell theory was propounded by
A. Schleiden and Schwann
B. Watson and Crick
C. Darwin and Wallace
D. Mendel and Morgan

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 25
230. Who was awarded Nobel prize for the synthesis of RNA in 1959
A. S. Ochoa
B. A. Kornberg
C. Nirenberg
D. H. Khorana

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 26
229. The food in onion is stored in the form of
A. sugar
B. cellulose
C. starch
D. protein

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 27
273. In a stratified cambium, the fusiform initials are:
A. long and overlap each other at the ends
B. short and overlap each other at the ends
C. short and arranged in horizontal tiers
D. short or long and overlap each other at the ends

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 28
305. Germinations of seed within fruit is
A. Ovipary
B. Vivipary
C. Hypogeal
D. Epigeal

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 29
172. In a eukaryotic cell which of the following RNA undergoes translation ?
A. r-RNA
B. t-RNA
C. m-RNA
D. all these three types

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 30
647. Pericycle in roots is responsible for
A. formation of lateral roots
B. providing mechanical support
C. demarcating vascular bundle from cortex
D. formation of vascular bundle

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 31
441. Rhizopus is
A. Parasite
B. Obligatory parasite
C. Epiphyte
D. Saprophyte

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 32
331. The gymnosperms and angiosperms differ from the rest of the vascular plants in that :
A. they have an independent gametophyte generation
B. they have flagellated sperm
C. they are herterosporous
D. embryodevelopment occurs with in the female gametophyte.

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 33
659. The region consisting of long and severe winters and growing season consisting of few months of summers is
A. Savannah ecosystem
B. Taiga ecosystem
C. Tundra ecosystem
D. none of the above

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 34
295. Conversion of starch of starch to orginic acid is essential for
A. Stomatal closure
B. Stomatal opening
C. Stomatal initiation
D. Stomatal growth

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 35
307. The stain involved in Feulgen reaction to stain DNA is
A. Gentian violet
B. Cotton blue
C. Neutral red
D. Basic fuchsin

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 36
496. The offspring from a cross between two individuals differing in at least one set of characters is called
A. Mutant
B. Variant
C. Hybrid
D. Polyploid

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 37
373. In damaged and injured tissues, healing process is due to
A. mitosis
B. meiosis
C. amitosis
D. fission

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 38
41. The plankton is
A. red algae
B. a layer of organic mater
C. floating fauna
D. passively floating or drifting flora and fauna consisting chiefly of microscopic organisms

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 39
620. Which of the following does not require carrier molecules during transport through cell membranes ?
A. simple diffusion
B. facilitated diffusion
C. Na+ - K+ transport
D. active transport of sugars and aminoacids

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 40
422. One of the following occurs both in fresh water and marine habitat
A. Spirogyra
B. Riccia
C. Cladophora
D. Oedogonium

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 41
153. The group of plants similar to animals in their requirements of oxygen for cellular respiration is
A. lichens
B. fungi
C. viruses
D. blue green algae

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 42
205. Aerenchyma is found in
A. xerophytes
B. hydrophytes
C. sciophytes
D. lithophytes

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 43
451. Small-pox is caused by
A. Virus
B. Bacteria
C. House fly
D. Mosquito

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 44
122. Dikaryon formation occurs in
A. Ascomycetes only
B. Basidiomycetes only
C. both Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes
D. none of the above

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 45
333. When sperms dof Funaria and pteris are put together near the archegonia of pteris, only the dsperms of pteris readily enter the archegonia and reach the egg. The reason being that
A. Sperms of Funaria are killed wdheb mixed wdith sperms of pteris
B. Archegonia of ptris secrete a substance which repels sperms of Funaria
C. Archegonia of pteris secrete a chemical substance which attract sperms of pteris chemotactically
D. Sperms of Funaria are less motile.

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 46
660. Oxidative phosphorylation is formation of
A. NADPH2 in respiration
B. ATP in respiration
C. NADPH2 is photosynthesis
D. ATP in photosynthesis

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 47
226. The range of wavelength of green light is
A. 400-500 mu
B. 500-600 mu
C. 560-720 mu
D. 720-800 mu

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 48
177. In anaerobic respiration in plants
A. CO2 is taken
B. CO2 is given out
C. O2 is given out
D. O2 is taken in

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 49
208. Rhododendron is characteristic of the vegetation of
A. Tropical zone
B. Alpine Zone
C. Mangrove belt
D. Gangetic plains

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 50
425. Penicillin was discovered by
A. Alexander Fleming
B. Robert Koch
C. P. Ehrilick
D. S. Waksman

A  B  C  D