Time Allotted: 30 minutes.
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Question No. 1
225. Each human kidney has nearly
A. 10,000 nephrons
B. 50,000 nephrons
C. 100,000 nephrons
D. 1 million nephrons

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 2
314. The true sense of equilibrium mammals redsides in internal ear. This is located or the structurre that helps a person to maintain his balance is
A. Mselleus
B. Utriculus
C. Eustachian tubes
D. Semicircular canals

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 3
148. Grave's disease is caused by hypersecretion of thyroid hormones and is associated with the
A. enlargement of the gland
B. increased BMR and increased nervous activity
C. exophthalamus
D. all of the above

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 4
627. Vibrissae are associated with the function of :
A. thermoregulation
B. gustation
C. tactile perception
D. reproduction

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 5
358. Peripatus belongs to the class
A. Crustacea
B. Onycophora
C. Myriapoda
D. Arachnida

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 6
265. In Paramecium the essential carriers of genetic inforfmation are the
A. Micro nuclei
B. Mito chondria
C. Macro nuclei
D. Both Macro nuclei and Micro nuclei

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 7
69. Comensalism is the relationship in which
A. Both the partners are benefited by living together
B. Only one partner is benefited at the expense of the other
C. One partner is benefited and the other remains unaffected
D. None is harmed or benefited

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 8
387. The lens in the eye of rabbit can not be moved forwards and backwards for accommodation. Yet it manage to focus because of its
A. shape
B. placement
C. flexibility
D. size

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 9
38. Peritrophic membrance is formed around the food in the
A. Mouth
B. Crop
C. Mesenteron
D. Colon

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 10
545. There are four layers in the epidermis of mammalian skin. Which one of them is capable of showing mitotic division ?
A. Stratum lucidum
B. Stratum germinativum
C. Stratum corneum
D. Stratum granulosum

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 11
110. In man sperms move after ejaculation at a rate of nearly
A. 2 to 4 mm/minute
B. 2 to 4 feet/minute
C. 2 to 4 inches/minute
D. 2 to 4 cms/minute

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 12
428. Anal cerci are present in
A. Only in female cockroach
B. Only in male ascaris
C. Only in male cockroach
D. In both male and female cockroach

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 13
253. Antibodies of the plasma are party manufactured by
A. Monocytes
B. Lymphocytes
C. Eiosinophils
D. Neutrophils

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 14
381. Which of the following does NOT affect the heart beat rate
A. Adrenalin
B. Acetylcholine
C. Non-adrenalin
D. Insulin

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 15
651. The synthesis of urea in liver takes place by
A. Ornithine cycle
B. Nitrogen cycle
C. Kreb's cycle
D. Glycolysis

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 16
146. " Cholera Vibrio" is a motile bacteria belonging to the group of
A. Monotrichous
B. Lophotrichous
C. Amphitrichous
D. Peritrichous

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 17
539. Which of the following is a sex-linked character
A. Tuberculosis
B. Shortsightedness
C. Bow leggedness
D. Colour Blindness

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 18
44. Pila (snail) Limux slug), Patella etc. belongs to class
A. Polypalacophora
B. Scaphopoda
C. Gastropoda
D. Cephalopoda

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 19
257. Haemopoesis takes place in the bone marraw of one of the bone
A. Femur
B. Radius
C. Vertebrae
D. Humerus

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 20
422. An earth worm has
A. one eye
B. Two eyes
C. Many eyes
D. No eye

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 21
607. The term 'Protista' was given by
A. Carolus Linnaeus
B. John Ray
C. Georges Leopold Cuvier
D. Ernst Haeckel

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 22
615. In Pheretima, spermathecae are found in segments
A. 4th to 7th
B. 9th to 12th
C. 6th to 9th
D. 17th to 20th

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 23
351. An animal having diploblastic acoelomic condition is
A. Ascaris
B. Sea Anemone
C. Planaria
D. Periplaneta

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 24
167. Clitellium in Earth worm is situated in
A. 13, 14, and 15th segments
B. 14, 15, 16 th segments
C. 15, 16, 17 th segments
D. 19, 20, 21st segments

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 25
139. Paraplegia refers to paralysis of
A. both the legs
B. both upper limbs
C. the entire body
D. only one limb

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 26
608. The poisonous substance released as a result of rupturing of schizont in R.B.C. of Malarial patient is
A. Haematin
B. Haem
C. Haeamoglobin
D. Haemozoine

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 27
149. Male gonads in Hydra are found
A. in lower half of the body
B. near the hypostome
C. any where on the body
D. exactly in the middle

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 28
287. Oviparous mammls belong to
A. Eutheria
B. Prototheria
C. Metatheria
D. Marsupialia

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 29
83. Short and Garnham (1984) re associated with discovery of
A. Life cycle of malarial parasite
B. Oocyasts of malarial parasite in stomach of mosquito
C. Transmission of malaria by mosquitoes
D. Causing malaria by patients blood

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 30
27. Which one of the following is a genetic trait ?
A. Acromegaly
B. Addison's disease
C. Albinism
D. Goitre

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 31
342. Smallest R.B.Cs in the following mammals are found in
A. Man
B. Musk deer
C. Rhinocros
D. Whale

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 32
564. One of the following is not a human salivary gland
A. parotid
B. sub-maxillary
C. sub-lingual
D. infra-orbital

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 33
145. Trypanosama, the causative agent of African sleeping sickness belongs to which class of protozoa ?
A. Rhizopoda
B. Mastigophera
C. Sporozoa
D. Ciliata

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 34
620. Without the following corpuseles, blood clotting is not possible :
A. Erythrocytes
B. Thrombocytes
C. Plasmocytes
D. Leucocytes

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 35
344. Connecting link between glycolysis and Krebs cycle is/before entering Krebs cycle pyruvate is changed to
A. Oxaloacetrate
C. Pyruvate
D. Acetyl CoA

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 36
655. Amount of O2 normally carried by 100 ml of pure blood, is
A. 40 ml
B. 20 ml
C. 10 ml
D. 30 ml

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 37
408. Locomotion is not concerned with mating in
A. Cockroach
B. Earthworm
C. House fly
D. Hydra

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 38
367. Molluscs having shell made up of two pieces and a plough shaped foot belongs to class
A. Cephalopoda
B. Pelecypoda
C. Gastropoda
D. Decapoda

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 39
321. Salk vaccine is used to prevent
A. Tuberculosis
B. Rabies
C. Tetanus
D. Polio

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 40
596. Extremities of long bones have :
A. hyaline cartilage
B. fibrous cartilage
C. elastic cartilage
D. calcified cartilage

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 41
476. Gastric glands of man in stomach produces an enzyme
A. Insulin
B. Trypsin
C. Pepsin
D. Ptylin

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 42
2. The first colonizers on bare rock in the colder parts of the temperate deciduous forest biome are
A. blueberries
B. grass
C. lichens and certain mosses
D. certain xerophytic angiosperms

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 43
90. Alternation of sexual and asexual cycles is known as
A. Dimorphism
B. Metsgenesis
C. Digenesis
D. None

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 44
152. The number of proglottid present in a fully developed taenia solium may be about
A. 150-200
B. 200-250
C. 800-900
D. 1200-1300

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 45
102. The free swimming Larva of Hydra is known as
A. Planaria Larva
B. Redia Larva
C. Planula Larva
D. Amphiblastula Larva

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 46
469. In fever too much intake of sugar may increase elimination in urine of
A. Phosphate
B. Sodium chloride
C. Glucose
D. Uric acid

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 47
160. "Ascaris lumbricoides" produces some Toxins in the body of the host which disturbs
A. Basal Metablic rate
B. Fat metabolism
C. Protein metabolism
D. Carbohydrate metabolism

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 48
314. The true sense of equilibrium mammals redsides in internal ear. This is located or the structurre that helps a person to maintain his balance is
A. Mselleus
B. Utriculus
C. Eustachian tubes
D. Semicircular canals

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 49
644. Which disease in children is caused by intensive use of nitrate fertiliser ?
A. Jaundice
B. Methemoglobinemia
C. Mumps
D. Septicemia

A  B  C  D  
Question No. 50
540. How many autosomes will be seen secondary spermatocyte
A. 46
B. 44
C. 23
D. 22

A  B  C  D