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Tuesday, March 28, 2023


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The fashion industry though only recently established, is a high growth sector in India. Its multicrore annual turnover promises many employment openings as well as career prospects that are almost unlimited. A high degree of professionalism within the industry has resulted in a continuing requirement for talented, skilled and qualified personnel at different levels. 

Fashion involves the design, fabrication and marketing of clothing that is greater part of the industry concentrates on high-volume production of affordable garments to suit the taste of large numbers of people. However, even in the exclusive realm of haute couture, fashion is a business, rather than an art form.

With growing internationalization, styles and colors on the market are being increasingly influenced by worldwide trends. Those in the field must therefore stay constantly abreast of the latest developments in India and abroad. The fashion industry offers equal opportunity to men and women-and youth is no barrier to success. 

As the range of occupations offered by the industry is too varied to be contained within one chapter, this section covers only those positions that are specifically concerned with the design aspect of fashion.


The fashion industry operates within a number of sectors. These broadly include:


This is a growing market with a substantial annual requirement for trained people. Graduates in fashion design and technology are usually absorbed in the following areas:


This has always been India's most popular product abroad, and the turnover in this area in 1992-93 exceeded Rs 12,600 crores. Textiles-both mill-made and handloom-at present constitute a quarter of all exports from our country.


Apparel accounts for more than half the annual textile exports with a turnover of almost Rs 8,500 crores in 1993. There are now thousands of garments export houses all over the country, as well as related ancillary fabrication units. Garment exports include men's, women's and children's clothing and ranges from casual to formal wear. 

Earlier, most exporters were basically job workers executing foreign designs for international buyers. Today, the scenario is rapidly changing and greater numbers of Indian designers find placement in this area each year.


This specialist area is also gaining ground in foreign markets. Leather and silk items are in highest

The Domestic Market

Rising disposable incomes in India have greatly increased fashion awareness and turned the industry into a big money-spinner. The domestic market in garments and accessories is opening up and outlets range from exclusive boutiques to large department stores and countrywide chain stores. Each of these usually employs their own staff to develop and market their lines. Included in this market are:


This is a rapidly expanding sector with the largest number of openings for new entrants. It concentrates on bulk production and covers a range of garments for a variety of consumers and purposes; of which:


Is the biggest segment and includes everything from undergarments to evening dresses and overcoats.


Has also begun to catch on. As men become more conscious of their appearance, the number of retailers stocking male clothing is on the rise.

Children wear

Ranges from baby clothes to teenage fashions that are often sold at special stores, under appropriate brand names.

Sports and Leisurewear

Are specialist areas in the lifestyle category, with a growing market in India. Designs are influenced by the introduction of new fabric developments and retail is usually through outlets that stock sports and leisure equipment.

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